Free download pictures of

Animals of the World


Ma Kangaroo travels in huge jumps using her strong tail

to steer with.  Joey travels in her pocket.  Ma and Joey

are decorated with the traditional patterns and pictures

used by Australian Aborigines who have a unique style

of art that goes back many thousands of years.

Olaf Horse from Sweden is a friendly, docile animal.  He is

strong and surefooted as he travels over the rugged

countryside.  In winter he grows a thick coat and often

pulls a sleigh across the snow.  Olaf is decorated with the

traditional patterns, motifs and colours still popular in Sweden.

Tabitha Cat and Thomas Cat come from England.  They are decorated with lace and English garden and wild flowers - 

Roses, Forget-me-nots, Marigolds, Buttercups, Daisies,

Primroses and Convolvulus.  In their picture there are also

Cowparsley, Bluebells, Wild Strawberries, Poppies and Briar Rose.

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Free colouring-in pictures for children, of the twelve Animals of the World. 

Using your  mouse - drag them off the web page on to your computer desk top.

Print them out, colour them, and then stick them together to make a cheerful wall frieze.

Boris Bear lives in the thick Russian forest.  He eats

berries, nuts and mushrooms, but best of all he loves

honey.  He has a thick warm fur coat and he

sleeps for most of the winter.  Boris is decorated in

traditional bright Russian colours and motifs.

Abdul Camel lives in Egypt.  Camels have worked for man

since about 2000BC.  They live in deserts and dry lands and

can go for long periods without water.  They travel

in groups called ‘Caravans’.  Abdul is decorated in colours

and motifs that have been used in Egypt since ancient times.

Danilo Donkey lives in Portugal. He carries all sorts of

packages and parcels up and down the steep hills in the

big paniers on his back.  He is decorated in the bright colours

and traditional patterns of the seafaring nation of Portugal.

Tombo lion lives in a family group of called a ‘Pride’. 

Lions are often called The King of Beasts.  For centuries

fables and legends have told about these handsome animals.  Kings and Queens have lions on their coats of arms 

Fanni Nannygoat comes from Switzerland.  She lives in the

mountains where she climbs among the snow covered peaks.

  In Switzerland goats milk is made into delicious cheese.

Fanni is decorated in traditional Swiss embroidery

patterns that are still used throughout the country today.

Nandi Elephant comes from India where elephants roam wild in

the jungle as well as working for people.  Indian elephants are

strong and gentle and intelligent, they can pull and carry big

loads.  They are also used in ceremonies and processions where

they are decorated with traditional bright painting, jewellery,

flowers and rich trappings, like Nandi is.


Chandra Tiger comes from Bengal in India.

His stripes make him difficult to see as he moves

quietly through the forests and jungles.  Tigers are the

largest living member of the cat family and Bengal tigers,

which are now very rare, have the brightest colouring of all.

Tici Llama comes from Peru in South America.

Llamas are very sure footed and can travel over difficult

mountainous country with packs on their backs.  They have

long soft fur which is used for wool.  Tici is decorated with

Inca patterns, these designs are still used today even though

the old Inca civilization disappeared long long ago.

Ming Loong Dragon comes from China.  Dragons are found

in the folk lore of all countries.  In China they are a traditional

part of their art and culture and have special symbolisms.

Ming Loong is decorated in the style, colours and motifs

used throughout China’s long history.

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